On fanfictions and reviews (at least on ff.net)


I’d like to rant a little on fanfcitions and their reviews, or rather their non-existent reviews. This is NOT meant to be judgy at all and I don’t want to wound anyone, but I’d like to raise awareness on some points that are important, but not very talked of.

I know CSers and fans in general (that’s why I’m posting this in the general fandom) are very fond of fanfictions. Stories where your favorites pairings are living your dreams off screen, who wouldn’t love it?

However, let’s not forget there are actual HUMANS behind those stories. They do NOT write themselves. And if you do not write, you can’t know how much motivation you need to write a fanfic. It’s a lot of work, research, you need endurance.

Do you know what gives writers, motivation? Seeing the follows, the favorites, the views and, above all: the REVIEWS.

I’m not one to force people to review my stories, or to beg for them. I’m not even writing this post for me. But it makes me very sad to hear of writers who give up on their stories because they lost their motivation because very, very few people took the time to review.

Now, I’m not saying: REVIEW EVERYTHING ALL THE CHAPTERS EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT. Of course, if you don’t like a story, you don’t have to lie about it or to tell the writer you just don’t like their stories. It’d be cruel. But, please, if you like a fanfic, consider reviewing. Even two words, just show your support, let your heart speak. Compliments can lighten someone’s day, you never know what the writers go through.

A review is not much, it takes less than a minute, but it means a lot. It shows that you care.

Plus, reviews are necessary to the writers when they’re constructive. They help them improve. It is very, very important to have feedback on your work.

I really HATE telling people what they have to do. I’m not the police, you’re free to do whatever you want. But… just think about it when you enjoy reading a particular fanfic, and never hesitate to tell someone you like what they’re writing :)

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Once Upon A Time Season 4 Elsa’s debut promo (Youtube version)

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Angry Killian. (x)


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Hook wearing his new leather outfit


Hook wearing his new leather outfit

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Born of cold and winter air
and mountain rain combining.
This icy force both foul and fair
has a frozen heart worth mining.

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Birthdays Of The Week On The Captain Swan Tag – August 18-24, 2014


This week we celebrate the following birthdays on our tag:

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Sunday 24: Hilary (lady-silverblood)


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Likewise, remember to track the tag CS birthdays for each weeks’ birthdays :)

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                                          for the way you took the idea that I have                                                                                                       of everything that I wanted to have                                                                                      and made me see there was something missing.

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